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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use All My Menus?
Very simply! Just put in your postal code, pick a restaurant, add stuff to your cart and pay. Then all you have to do is wait for your food to arrive! Its that simple!
Can I order from 2 or more restaurants in one shot?
Absolutely. Just add stuff to your cart from different restaurants and proceed to checkout. Once you pay, your order will be split and sent to each restaurant.
My order still has no arrived. What do I do?
All My Menus is responsible of sending your order to the restaurant. If you haven't received your food in a timely fashion, you can always contact the restaurant directly. Their phone number is available in the "Info" tab on the restaurants page.
How do I contact you?
You can send us an email at or give us a call at 1888-415-9725
I would like to change my order after having paid for it.
You should call the restaurant immediately and ask if it isn't too late to change it. Their phone number can be found in the "Info" tab on the restaurant page. If the restaurant is ok with making the changes, you can take care of the price difference in cash upon delivery.
When I put my postal code, nothing comes up.
That means we still don't have restaurants in your area. If you would like to suggest one, email us at
I do not trust the internet. Can I put in an order by phone?
Our website uses some of the same encryption technology employed by large corporations. We also don't store your credit card information on our servers. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of.
Are there any hidden fees or membership costs?
No and no. This service is offered to you for free. :)
Why would I want to be a member?
You will benefit from ordering online instead of by phone. You will start noticing how much easier it is to reorder the same thing day after day, or simply to have the menu in front of you while ordering.